This is a special announcement from the creator of Nobility the Series. E.J has got something to say for any sci-fi fans or people who have loved the web series so far. If you love the nobility series then you had better read this update from the creator himself. It will be important to read this if you would like to know more about the future of Nobility. We would appreciate it if you considered the following announcement.

Sci-fi fans and those who love speculative fiction have always been seen in a different light by those other people in society. You could say that geeks, nerds and other people with similar hobbies have always been ostracized by other people, who do not understand our hobbies and interest. Maybe it is because of the innate aspect of human nature to do this. Or maybe the constant consumption of media which expands the mind is not very welcome by other people who do not fully understand the ideas in science-fiction. People, such as geeks or nerds, can often feel weird or different simply for like fantastical story elements or other kinds of fictional universes. And other people, who are less than kind, often, make nerds and geeks feel that way too! And every person, who has had geeky interests, has probably been made to feel different because of their hobbies as well.

But imagine if you were truly different? Try to think about what other difficulties that you may face because of some intrinsic property of your identity. Other people truly are different not because of what hobbies they are interested in, but because of the fact that they are born a certain way. Some people, who feel like that, are people who fall on the autism spectrum. A lot of people, who are autistic, are often made to feel ostracized because how they were born. And in some cases, they are even actively bullied for their differences. In a certain kind of way, we as sci-fi fans can empathize with those people, because we also have been bullied and made to feel different. However, people with autism are made to feel even worse than us! Surveys and studies have shown that autistic people are bullied at a much higher rate than the general population. So there has to be something done about that problem.

Nobility the series has officially partnered with ACT Today!. This is an organization, whose goals are to support those who are on the Autism Spectrum. We want to show the rest of the world that people who fall on the autism spectrum, do not have special needs, but are special themselves. So please make a donation of a few dollars to this wonderful organization. ACT Today! would greatly love your support in helping them continue their work to support those with autism. And we would also appreciate it if you donated to the organization on our behalf as well! Together, we can end the stigma associated with those who are different from the norm.

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