The Ship

Since this is a science fiction series, the show will take place on a space ship. The series itself takes place on one space ship called the CAS Nobility. The ship is part of the Confederate Alliance Space Fleet. And it is one of the most powerful ships in the Alliance’s arsenal. The CAS Nobility is a heavy cruiser, so it definitely packs a big punch when it comes to combat capabilities. The spaceship itself is specifically a Conciliator class. As the pride and joy of the Confederate Alliance space navy, you would think that it would be crewed by some of the best and brightest that the alliance had to offer, instead, the crews composing the people on the CAS Nobility are all misfits and a motley bunch. And heading all of these crew members is the disillusioned captain, Eric Cern.

Manufactured in the same solar system of Earth, the Sol System, the ship has had a fairly new history. It has only been commissioned in the year 2375, so the ship itself is a fairly new one. Despite the newness of the Nobility, it has considerable damages to the ship. This is mostly due to the negligence of the crew manning it. The chief engineer and the engineering system manning the ship are woefully neglectful. And many different parts of the spaceship are consequently always malfunctioning. The constant malfunctions of the ship’s many systems include lighting and even sometimes gravity. However, the ship’s crew just takes this all in stride as part of the daily life on the ship.

Despite being manned by the neglectful crew the Nobility actually has a powerful array of weapons systems. The ship has multiple offensive armaments. It has five pulse particle weapons which are capable of knocking out enemy ship shields. And the ship also has got three beam particle weapons. And these beam particle weapons are more than capable of the penetrating through the hulls of enemy ships as well. And being one of the most advanced ships in the space navy, the Nobility also has got a special weapons armament, which is currently classified. Not even the captain is aware of what special armament that the Nobility has got installed in its weapons systems.

The Nobility is the premier space ship of the Alliance Naval services. It has got the most powerful weapons, engines, and technologies installed in it. And being designated as a heavy cruiser, it is used to patrol shipping lanes and trade routes in space. It is also tasked with defending colonies on the outlying regions of human space as well. So these assignments put the ship and its crew in dangerous and often critical missions. The ship is also the most famous one in the Navy. And it is because of that fame that the confederate alliance has decided to shoot a documentary of the ship in order to raise morale amongst the population. And the crew of the Nobility is followed by cameras in order to record daily life in the ship.

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