The Best Top 5 Classic Science Fiction TV Series
Apr 2017

The Best Top 5 Classic Science Fiction TV Series

Over the years we have had many classic science fiction shows that have aired and have reached cult status. There have only been a select few of the science fiction shows that would be considered to be the best of all that have aired. My list of science fiction shows may not be considered the best, but in my opinion, they were the best. I enjoyed watching them and I would consider them classics in the history of television.

  1. Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek was about the exploration of space and keeping the peace throughout the galaxy. There have been 4 shows that came after The Original Series and were just as successful in their run. The Original Series only lasted 3 seasons but fans of the show made the show a phenomenon and over the years gained momentum. An animated series, ten movies, and four other shows would come out of this amazing show. I am a Star Trek fan but I did not see the show when it first aired. I became a fan years later as a teenager and fell in love with the show. Star Trek is about a future that is bright and peaceful, something to be obtained. Star Trek: The Original Series has been remastered and all three seasons are now available on DVD. It is exciting to be able to watch the Original Series in a new light and see it with a new look.

  1. The Six Million Dollar Man

Based on the novel by Martin Caidin, Cyborg, this series was about a man who had a devastating accident and had to be rebuilt with bionics. Lee Majors starred in this series as Colonel Steve Austin, working for the OSI and each week he would help others who needed it the most. I enjoyed watching this series and it is one of my favorites. This series would create a sequel, The Bionic Woman, and numerous TV Movies over the years. This series held my interest since I am a science fiction fan and of course Lee Majors who was a handsome man. The best DVD’s to recommend are the ones where Steve Austin would work with Jamie Somers and all the movies that came out with the two together.

  1. The Incredible Hulk

The original series that starred Bill Bixby as Doctor David Banner who after an experiment that went wrong would change into a green hulking beast, called the Hulk. He would travel to various towns, trying to stay one step ahead of a reporter named Jack McGee, who was after the story of the Hulk. If he got really angry, he would change into the creature but he would not remember what happened afterwards. He came close several times to getting rid of the creature but it never worked. There were several movies that would come out over the years but the one best movie that is now on DVD is called The Death of the Incredible Hulk. This movie is where in the end David Banner chose death instead of living like he had been for years.

  1. V (The Original Mini-Series and the 1984 series)

V was about alien visitors who arrive on Earth with peace and friendship on their agenda. In reality, these alien visitors were reptilian in appearance when not looking like humans and had the agenda of taking our water and humans as food. A select few made the discovery of what was going on and would form resistance cells in order to stop them. This would become a short lived TV series that left us in limbo when it ended. I enjoyed this show and wanted the aliens to get what was coming to them. I was thrilled when in the mini series: The Final Battle that Diana got what was coming to her, but then the series appeared and apparently she survived. I look forward to this new series that will be airing this 2009-2010 TV season. Both miniseries, V and the V: The Final Battle, as well as the TV series, are now on DVD.

  1. Battlestar Galactica

Another pretty good classic science fiction set in the future where humans are being chased by robots known as Cylons. The survivors were trying to find Earth and safety. It lasted a few seasons before being canceled but it soon returned but was known as Galactica 1980. It was an interesting show that peaked my interest and I enjoyed watching. Years later, a new version of the show would air and would have a woman in the role of Starbuck, the role that Dirk Benedict played. This series is on DVD and has many amazing episodes, but the one recommend is the first episode that introduces the series.

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