The Best Science Fiction TV Shows to Watch This Fall
May 2017

The Best Science Fiction TV Shows to Watch This Fall

With the major Networks having updated their fall season schedules for this year, you science fiction aficionados may be interested to hear what’s officially slated on the lineups for the season. So here we go, a guide to the best Science Fiction TV shows for fall 2009.

V – If you were around in the ’80s then you’ll understand just why there is a lot of buzz surrounding the remake of the epic classic science fiction epic. On November 3rd, 2009 on ABC the first season of the new V series premiers with what certainly will be a big bang. The basic premise seems to remain faithful to the original at this point with some minor alterations to help keep things fresh. Aliens known as Visitors have suddenly appeared on Earth with the promise of helping us cure disease and famine, and all they’d like in return is a little water and a particular mineral found in abundance on our world But soon the Visitors seem just a little too tight and cozy within our world governments and then totalitarian things begin to happen, and that’s when people begin to learn the true malicious intent of the Visitors. Featuring a bevy of experienced science fiction producers, writers, and actors, V the new series is definitely a Science Fiction television show worth catching in fall 2009.

Heroes – It may look like the fifteen minutes of fame for this once popular award winning Science Fiction TV program is finally floundering. Ratings dropped considerably during last season, but NBC has still picked up the program for what will be the show’s fourth season. It has been reported that Heroes producers plan to return the series to its roots, which could very well explain how last season ended on a prelude type episode instead of a traditional cliffhanger. So if you are a big fan of Heroes, you better do your part and tune in regularly this season… You may even find yourself pleasantly surprised even.

Dollhouse – The creative genius of Joss Whedon (Credits: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly) is behind this relatively unknown little science fiction gem that somehow managed to slip past many Science Fiction fans viewing itineraries. After the show concluded its first season last year, there was much speculation as to whether Dollhouse would even return for a second one. After a mass downloadable content promotion from Fox, and to a lot of surprise, Fox signed onto a new 13 episode 2nd season deal. Dollhouse is not for everyone, but it’s worth checking out. The show is about people (Referred to as “actives” or “dolls”), whom have had their identities and memories wiped by a mysterious laboratory facility in order to imprint them with a new persona. These “Dolls” are then jobbed out to complete various tasks such as crimes and personal fantasies. It’s pretty creepy stuff and definitely not for everyone. But every Science Fiction fan should do themselves and the show a favor by watching at least a few shows from the series. Enough of you may find that this is one of the SciFi TV shows of fall 2009 that is worth saving.

Doctor Who – For both Science Fiction fans of the United Kingdom and the United States, the BBC will be airing a series of Doctor Who specials throughout 2009 until it returns to a full season shooting schedule in 2010. During the fall and winter season of 2009 it is rumored that there will be at least a couple of these specials tied closely into one another, and at some point during these particular specials we will see a new regenerative form of The Doctor to lead into the 2010 season as well as a return of his dreaded arch-nemesis… The Master.

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