Ideas for DIY SciFi T-Shirts
Sep 2017

Ideas for DIY SciFi T-Shirts

T-shirt projects are one of the best activities that you could ever do during your spare time especially on summer days. It is also a good time for you to bond with your family or friends. There are others that do make T-shirt projects as their means of gaining profit. Furthermore, there are a lot of successful stories that you can read or hear about where they get their inspiration in making wonderful T-shirts.

The idea of DIY shirts has opened opportunities for many people in different ages because it is easy plus it guarantees comfort and style. If you are inspired with science fiction and fantasy and not just a basic funky designed shirt perhaps looking at intergalactic movies, reading science fiction books, watching television and more can give you an idea as to how you’re going to make a DIY SciFi T-shirts. SciFi fashion has indeed changed the world’s perspective in terms of the galaxy and the universe. To start with an idea, here are the following tip designs for you to make your DIY SciFi T-shirts.

  1. Pop culture designs- this is a short term for Popular culture. This comes with the entire perspective of attitude, images, ideas, memes, iconic artists, phenomena that are derived within the mainstream of a specific kind of culture such as the Western culture. Its influenced is more on the mass media with a collection of ideas that revolves around the everyday lives of the society.
  2. Galactic designs- this is inspired by the heavenly bodies in the universe such as the milky way and planets. This is also mixed with super heroes and villains that are characters in a movie. This could make a great trend setting among individuals who are into intergalactic designs. You can as well be more creative in using a galactic design with symbols like diamond with galactic colors.
  3. Futuristic design- this is another unique type of design that you can choose for a DIY SciFi T-shirt What makes it unique is that you can add an innovative concept in terms of how you want to see the future in the next 10 years.
  4. Technology design- incorporating Scifi designs with a concept of technology is another fascinating way of expressing the vision of the society which also makes it sellable among consumers.

The process of printing the shirt also depends on how you want it to look like either using a heat press machine or dye and bleach type of way. Since this is a DIY SciFi T-shirt printing, make sure that you know the process of heat press to make shirts and clothing. Here is a tip on how you’re going to use a heat press machine.

  1. It is essential that you know what your designs would look like and prepare it for transfer. There are different ways of transferring either you can pre-print or iron on appliques.
  2. This requires technique, skills and tools for you to be able to print and heat press your design T-shirt. Laser printers are the usual tools used for printing.
  3. In using a heat press machine make sure that it is set to 350 to 375 degrees Farenheit. Read the instructions that is provided by the transfer paper and adjust the heat according the desired heat needed.
  4. When it comes to pressing the shirt, make sure that it is faced on the desired area with the design that suits you best. Read more on the machine’s heating press instruction.

Now that you have the basic ideas of DIY Sci-Fi T-shirt printing, it is up to your choices in choosing for the type of design and printing method that you want to use. Indeed, if you are making this into a business definitely you will gain profit.

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