Guidelines in Wearing SciFi T-Shirt To Comicon
Sep 2017

Guidelines in Wearing SciFi T-Shirt To Comicon

Comic-con week is an event of multi-genre entertainment and at the same time a comic convention that is usually held in San Diego, California, USA. This is a 4-days event wherein showcasing of comic books, science fiction or fantasy related television, film and other popular related arts. This has a mix variation of popular culture, anime, horror, collectibles of card games, video games, webcomics and manga. According to reports, this is the largest convention ever held.

If you are new to Comicon, there are several guidelines that you’ll need to know first before you’re going to attend the event. To survive in the “so-called” convention, here are the following guidelines to wear SciFi T-shirt to Comicon.

  1. Decide for an experience- knowing that this big event, it is important to at least have a purpose in going to Comicon. You can as well start by thinking of a kind of Scifi T-shirt that you’d like to represent for yourself whether pop culture, Anime, manga or video games that you have played. During the event, there will be parties, demonstration and panels.
  2. Running around the event- having to wear your favorite Comicon T-shirt during the event must be comfortable because you will be taking part of the entire event which will surely make great memories especially if you are a first timer. There will be a lot of things prepared for audiences.
  3. Dressing up- if you are an avid fan of Cosplay then perhaps this is the best time that you start rocking your costume. You can either choose to wear a Scifi T-shirt to Comicon. Make sure that you are dressed comfortably and as you pleased.

Those are basically the guidelines that you will have to remember and experience during the Comicon event. Now, next thing is making an outfit. Perhaps, you planned to wear something simple and yet Comicon related still. Choosing for the right design and style is your next project. If you want to invest on something that you could cherish forever you can either buy a T-shirt or invest for a DIY to wear SciFi T-shirt to Comicon. You can as well ask your friends to collaborate with a design and style that you will wear during the event. Here are some tips for you to start preparing.

  1. Choose and select- for sure you have a favorite Comic character that you’d like to print out as a shirt. This is the best time that you make a merch out of it. There are tons of concept and inspiration that you can make your own design incorporating your favorite design. For example, choosing pop culture and added Lady Gaga in the shirt. Select a desired color that you’d like. It is best as well for you to choose a T-shirt print that is not common to others especially with the design.
  2. Print it out- there are tools that you can use in printing for a T-shirt that you can wear. Using a heat press machine for clothing in making shirts is your best option and a laser prints out. It is essential that you know how to use a heating press machine.
  3. Read manual instruction for printing- it is necessary that you read instructions especially if you are dealing with heating machines. The use of a transfer is important in transferring your design to the shirt.

Tips: do not hesitate to use too much heat while transferring an art work to a shirt properly and evenly. Therefore, the more heat you are applying the better outcome and you are ready to wear SciFi T-shirt to Comicon.

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