Five Classic Science Fiction TV Series that Should Be Remade
May 2017

Five Classic Science Fiction TV Series that Should Be Remade

I’m a sucker for campy old science fiction shows, so the recent trend of remaking cult classic sci-fi series is hugely exciting to me. While some of my old favorites, like Battlestar Galactica, have been reinvented already, there are a few other shows that I would love to see make a comeback.

One of my favorite guilty pleasures in my slightly younger years was the primetime vampires-and-werewolves drama Dark Shadows. The series was actually a revival of the 1960’s classic by the same name, which only ran for a single season (1991 To 1992), was a soap opera-like saga flowing an eclectic cast of characters through a twisting plotline involving magic, possession, and other magical, mythical themes. The cast includes a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who later came to be a household name with the success of the comedic science fiction sitcom Third Rock From the Sun. The short-lived series ends prematurely, with many of the plot elements remaining unresolved. With the Harry Potter set growing up and the Twilight followers coming of age soon, the world is overdue for a good blood-sucking, magical series aimed at adults. With the recent trend in reviving shows such as this, paired with the show’s currently popular themes, a re-revival would be timely, but is probably unlikely.

One of my favorite series ever is Quantum Leap, which ran from 1989 to 1993. Starring Scott Bakula, who was also Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise, as Dr. Sam Beckett. Beckett gets trapped in time, “leaping” in each episode to a different time and into a different body in his quest to find his way home. You never know what’s going to happen next, and he ends up is some fairly ludicrous situations from week to week. While I doubt I’ll ever see new episodes of the show, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility based on the show’s wild popularity and the current remake trend.

Although it only ran for a couple of seasons, I loved Logan’s Run. The 1976 series was the story of people living in a futuristic, utopian society. Utopian, that is, except for the fact that once you hit the age of 30, you’re executed. The plot centers around Logan and his friends as they search for a mythical safe place called The Sanctuary. While I’ll have to keep dreaming about a remake, the show was wonderful and it was tragic that it got cut short so quickly. (Though not nearly as tragic as the premature demise of Joss Wheadon’s masterpiece, Firefly, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic!)

With all of the comic book superhero movies being so hot these days, it would be an opportune time for a revival of Wonder Woman. The Nazi-fighting girl with hot pants and a corset top played by Lydia Carter battled evil through 57 episodes starting in 1976. While cartoon versions continue to be produced, a live action version has yet to be seen by a generation who only knows her as a 2D character. The likelihood of a remake is greater for this show than the others I’ve mentioned, but I’m still not going to hold my breath.

The Six Million Dollar Man is another fine example of classic science fiction of which the world could use another dose. After a horrible space crash, astronaut Steve Austin is given powerful new mechanical limbs. He uses his superhero-like abilities to fight crime and capture criminals. While the idea seemed incredibly far-fetched at the time, it’s getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. As far as the series goes, they can rebuild it; they have the technology.

While I would love to see any one of these shows make a comeback, I have a feeling most of them will never get another shot. Which is a shame, because they were great shows that deserve a new round of airtime!

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