Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Nobility?

Nobility is a science fiction video series about the crew of a spaceship. Set 700 hundred years in the future, the premise of the show is that humanity has spread to colonize space. And the ship Nobility is part of the current colonization military force, the Confederate Alliance. The show will focus on the lives of the people who are part of the crew of the ship the CAS Nobility. The show is shot in a documentary style, where the crew is interviewed in the ship itself.

  • Is this a web series?

Yes, Nobility is a show that will be broadcasted on the web. You can catch the latest episodes of Nobility the series on YouTube and other online media websites. You can also watch the show itself through this official website as well. Currently, episodes of Nobility the series are yet to air, so you will not be able to find it on any website yet. However, you can still view trailers and other reels of the web show as well.

  • Is the show going to have comedy?

The show is a mixture of different genres. It combines elements of sci-fi, drama, and comedy. You can think of Nobility as being a mix of shows such as the Office and Star Trek. And you could also say that Nobility is a dramedy that is set on a futuristic spaceship. If you love sci-fi and comedic sitcom shows, then you will love watching Nobility the series! It has got all of the elements that you love about those different shows. You will laugh at some of the hilarious jokes that are on Nobility.

  • Who created this show?

The person behind this show is E.J. De la Pena. He is the writer and creator of Nobility the series. Check out his website if you would like to see more of the work that he has written.

  • Who stars in the show?

We have got an amazingly talented and diverse set of people working as the cast of the series. You can check out the crew page of this website if you would like to learn more about each of the characters of Nobility the series. You can also visit the cast page of this website if you would like to get to know the actors of the show better as well.

  • Do you sell official merchandise?

Yes, we do sell merchandise on our website! You can purchase video copies of the series on our official store. We also sell other merchandise such as shirts, mugs, posters, and many other things through our online store as well. You can support us by purchasing our merchandise.

  • Can we meet the cast in real life?

Nobility the series currently does tours among sci-fi and fantasy conventions. Check out our updates if you would like to see our list of scheduled cons that we are attending. Some of our cast members and series creators will also be attending those events as well. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to meet us in real life.

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