Easily Make Your Own SciFi Clothing
Oct 2017

Easily Make Your Own SciFi Clothing

Is that you Darth Vader? This is one of the characters that’s popularly been worn by most Cosplayers.  Perhaps you’re into Cosplay or you like to have your own SciFi clothing line as a business is a great idea. Having to make your own easily made SciFi clothing do take a lot of planning. There are as well many considerations that you’ll need to figure out which is a better clothing material for you to use, the colors, size, design and style. Of course, you will also need a science fiction inspiration for you to make a one whole set of clothing. As mentioned, there are few things that you’ll need to know before you can start cutting and lining pieces of SciFi clothing.

Science fiction or fantasy is known for its interesting images, genre and concept which has led to many individuals to be inspired in making their own clothing. Having to draw or paint makes the idea of putting things into life. This is why, Cosplay was born. The concept of Cosplay brings your favorite character by dressing the same way. Science fiction is easy to follow as long as you have the right materials in making your own. Before you’re going to draw your SciFi clothing, you must gather all your ideas first.

  1. Know your SciFi character- you must know if your character is rich, poor or a middle class. Are they artistic or reserved type of character? How you’re going to dress up as your chosen SciFi character would depend on the story that you are portraying to the public.
  2. Start to shape out your clothing- make an outline and as much as possible keep it simple. Having to experiment with different ideas gives you more opportunities to check if it fits your preferences or not.
  3. Filling in the details- as soon as you have enough and have filled in few thumbnails, it is best that you start adding the next value. Having to create a new layer over the silhouettes that you have made and then lock out the edges that are outside of the outline.
  4. Add colors- pick a color of your choice or you can always use the original colors. This will give you more add-on if it is necessary. Keep in mind that colors shouldn’t clash on each other. If you opt for contrasting colors make sure that it doesn’t look uncooperative.
  5. A Familiar costume- if you are creating and styling your own version of Scifi clothing, make sure that it looks familiar to people or perhaps a familiar concept from other people who have worn it somewhere in the street. It would be best if you add more shapes that would make you feel unexpected and strange from people.

Now that you have an idea as to how you’re going to start your own SciFi clothing, next step is to make sure that you have other materials for heat pressing the designs when necessary. This is a vital step for you to do because all the artistic details. Whether it is printed or embroidered using a heat press machine to make a clothing is essential for this use. To avoid mistakes in heat pressing, it is advisable that you read the manufacturer’s guidelines and if you are using transfer paper.

This is a great venture for you to enjoy and at the same time an experience that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. Creating is indeed a fun way to express your opportunity such as making an easy SciFi clothing.

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