The Crew

  • Eric Cern – Captain

Originally from Earth, Cern is the strong-willed captain of his ship, the Nobility. He is from a Persian descent and was trained at the Naval Service Academy of the Confederate Alliance. He holds the rank of captain and is therefore in charge of the rest of the crew of the ship. Eric Cern is an idealistic man who wants to achieve peace for humanity by unifying its different colonies together. However, when he attained a high rank and became captain of his own ship he soon realized how unrealistic his ideals are. The levels of corruption and incompetence displayed by those at high-level of rank were astounding to him. By the start of the series, he has been posted on the ship for 3 years.

  • Sirius Halud – First Lieutenant

Like many others of the Eujin Union, Halud wants to better himself and the rest of humanity. He does this through constant self-improvement, and he has a single-minded goal to pursue the ideals of a better humanity. A recent posting to the ship Nobility means that Halud’s skills and ideals will be tested. He currently serves as the liaison and weapons chief officer of the ship.

  • Bob Takashima – First Lieutenant

Born in the colonies on Mars, Bob had very strict parents while he was growing up. His father was a military man and wanted to instill the same values in his son. So while he was a child, Takashima had to go through a lot of discipline. This has led to Bob becoming overly fascinated by masculinity. And because of that, he has become obsessed with cowboys because of their manly ways and history. Bob constantly tries to prove his masculinity with the rest of the crew of the ship.

  • Eugenia Pikeman – Commander

As commander of the ship, Pikeman commands the military forces that are stationed on the Nobility. She grew up in an abusive household, and after leaving home she felt like the skills that she had learned would be of good use in the military world. So she signed up for military training in order to dedicate her life to protecting and caring for others. She maintains a very stern and distant attitude towards the rest of the crew. However, she also cares for them deeply because of her personality.

  • Havel Allard – Ship Doctor

Havel Allard is originally from Canada on Earth. And he is in charge of the physical as well as the mental health of those on the ship. He has a degree in psychology and serves as the ship’s psychiatrist. He is honestly passionate about his desire to help the other crew members on the ship. But because of his overly sincere persona, many people tend to see him as coming onto strong or even being fake. He has been posted on the ship for over 2 years yet he still struggles to connect with the rest of the crew.

  • Frank Mooney – Chief Engineer

Mooney is the chief engineer of the ship and is therefore in charge of ensuring that it stays in good condition. He maintains the ship’s engines and other systems; however, he does not do a very good job of this. And the ship’s many systems frequently break down due to disrepair or undue maintenance.

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