Best Science Fiction Clothing Ideas
Oct 2017

Best Science Fiction Clothing Ideas

Perhaps there is an event that you’re going to attend in the next couple of months and you want to dress up in a very creative and unique way as possible. Thinking of a costume depends on your preferences whether you want to make your own version or you can always choose to have someone design it for you. Selecting a concept isn’t that hard as long as you understand how it works and how it is possible for it to be worn. When it comes to science fiction, it is not actually that difficult to choose for an inspiration.

Influential designers knows your best interest which is why they create costumes for people who wants to take part of the intergalactic world and fantasy. If you opt to choose for the best Science fiction clothing ideas, make sure that you have a budget to complete a set. For example, you aim for a SciFi futuristic type of clothing and most of these do require extra paraphernalia which are mind blowing. To give you more ideas, here are the following best science fiction clothing to give you an idea as to which ones should you wear for the upcoming event.

  1. Akira- if you are a fan of Anime, perhaps this will give you an outfit idea as to how you’re going to look like. This is based on a Japanese artist and the film was then released on July 1988. The story involves with an electric bike that has struck viewers and critiques because of the character. The motorbike made a remarkable asset to the movie as this have a kind of design that is truly stunning.
  2. Star Trek- this is another movie that you can choose to play as one of the characters in teh movie or you can go as creative as you can be if you want to choose as one of the monsters that the characters are fighting in the movie. The clothing that they wear is basically simple but you must look for a material that will tailor fit the entire set of your costume.
  3. District 9- this is all about an alien invasion. The movies huge success became a social and political struggle in South Africa and all throughout the world. However, its Scifi influence has led many Cosplayers to enjoy selected characters as their means of costume.
  4. The day the earth stood still- the movie is typically based on the robot called Gnut. The costume has a subtle type of scariness and it also have a minimal effect so this means that you do not have to spend much of a costume. It is achievable to wear.
  5. Wall-E- this is Pixar’s time to join into the world. This is a kind of robot that is more in the evolution side but it is also design to kick ass. If you pick this for a costume, make sure that you have the effects to make it surreal.

Aside from all these mentioned SciFi movies that can be your choice for a clothing, you can as well refer to more ideas that are also found on television and books. Anything can make you look SciFi by making sure that you have the right materials. All the designs are mainly heat press. The importance of heat press machine is for your design to adhere to the clothing. So, having to design it with a professional or if you know how to create and design. It is best that you follow certain guidelines in using a heating press machine.

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