Are SciFi T-Shirts Cool?
Sep 2017

Are SciFi T-Shirts Cool?

The influence of Science Fiction, fantasy and other iconic artists has led many individuals to explore in this world of the “nerds.” it is singled-out as for the “nerdy” people because of the statement, design and style that are used as a print on the shirt and most of these people would wear such kind of shirt. Although this is not only for people who are “nerdy”, this is actually seen all over different clothing shirt stores that you can find in your local area. If nerdy, SciFi T-shirts attracts you, perhaps considering owning a couple of shirts in your closet would be a great collection.

Looking for a SciFi T-shirt that are cool comes in various designs and style. If you Google it, you will surely capture so many ideas and even an inspiration for you to start printing T-shirts. However, there are few things that you’ll need to prepare first before you’re going to print out your favorite cool SciFi T-shirts and that is to have a laser ink-jet printer and a heating press machine to make shirts. There are different categories that you can choose and select for a kind of shirt that you either want to have it customized or a DIY Sci-fi T-shirt that you can wear. How cool can a Sci-fi T-shirt could be? Here are the following suggestions for you to select a design and how you can have it print out.

Contemporary designed shirts – most of these are the ones that you notice with people wearing with a statement or some designs that are funny. For example, a meme of Harry Potter or perhaps a video joystick game that says “waiting for the next player.” There are actually so many that you can make if you chose to personalized your own shirt and make it look cool.

Are SciFi T-shirt looks cool for pregnant women?- in case you are wondering, there is no exemption for a pregnant woman to wear such cool shirts. In fact, there are women who likes the idea of printing a statement about “a baby inside” type of shirt. This is actually a cool maternity T-shirts for all mother-to-be. You can as well choose a design that may relate to the gender of your child. For example, having a moon logo design is one perfect fit for your round belly.

Flip shirts- have you heard of flip shirts? This is a kind of shirt for people who wants to have fun with friends or family. Any design can be printed out such as a fox’s head, a face of a zombie or perhaps a ninja. All you need to do is print it at the reverse bottom of the shirt so you can raise it up and flip on your head.

Gamer shirts- this is a kind of shirt that you like to wear. Online gamer do have most of this type of shirts especially if there are any gathering or convention.

When it comes to printing the shirt, it is important that you have a heating press machine to make shirts or clothing that suits your preferences. If you plan to do it by yourself, make sure you have an ink jet printer, transfer paper and above all the heating press machine. Read the guidelines in terms of heating a T-shirt. Transfer paper do have its heating measurement. It is important that you read everything first prior to heating your T-shirt. Keep in mind that using the heat is best if you have the shirt stayed longer to make sure that the print will be displayed better without any cracks.

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