Are Science Fiction TV Shows Dead?
Jun 2017

Are Science Fiction TV Shows Dead?

In my youth I can remember watching Star Trek and thinking “hey that’s cool” but as time progressed the episodes got further apart. Then eventually it was gone entirely, but that wasn’t the end of it. Next was Star Gate SG-1, one of my favorite shows that took the dive into oblivion, followed by Andromeda, and a few others. Though Star Gate is still around in the form of Atlantis it hardly has the same feel as the original

Are science fiction TV shows dead: Sci-Fi to syfy

After all of that Sci-Fi changed its name to Sy Fy, but that’s not all that changed. Sy Fy has become a network for horror movies, and depraved gore, with open slots filled by wrestling. How they can even consider that science fiction is beyond me.

What is going on with the world today, that people would rather be scared (or not so scared) by some freakish creature on the television, than check out some future gadgets? Have we simply advanced in technology so far that no one has any foresight anymore?

Are science fiction TV shows dead: Star Trek is back.

The recent star trek movie had given me hope that the great show would be returning with a new timeline based off the movie, but alas it was in vain. I’ve heard nothing of a new series. There was a time when people thought science was hot, but now there is nothing on TV that I even care to watch.

Other great series that bit the dust include, The Seeker, Kings, and Heroes, literally every show I actually watched appears to have been canceled. All this makes me wonder if it’s even worth owning a TV anymore. Not all of these where Sci-Fi series. However, they were all great shows that encompassed an intrinsic look on alternate realities.

Are science fiction TV shows dead: Reality shows.

It’s sad that today it would seem that more than %75 of television is composed of horror, soap ops, or reality shows. Fantasy and Sci-Fi have been nearly completely taken out of the equation. Even the Sunday Times has taken notice of the impending fate of the entire Sci-Fi franchise when they wrote “Sci-fi films are as dead as Westerns, says Ridley Scott” in 2007. Statistic showed as far back as 2004 70% of the UK populace where watching reality shows instead of good old fashioned fiction. Is it true that reality shows are soon to dominate the market, overtaking the entire Sci-Fi fantasy franchise? I would love to hear what you think about this.

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