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Nobility the series is a show that follows the lives and adventures of a futuristic crew of men and women aboard the ship CAS nobility. This is a web series that will be broadcasted and released on the internet. So you will be able to catch all of the series once it airs. Currently, only the pilot for Nobility the series has been produced. But stay tuned for any of the latest releases about this show. We are hard at work trying to produce and write the next episodes and installments of Nobility the series.

The show is a comedy sci-fi drama mix. It will be unlike any other science-fiction series that you have ever watched in the past. The mix of comedy and science fiction can be compared to two other related shows such as the Office and Star Trek. If you have always been a fan of either of those shows you will also love Nobility the series. Despite being a comedy show a lot of high-concept ideas and action will be packed into because it is a sci-fi series. And you will also become more and more attached to the crew member’s stories as well. As their storylines and individual plot lines will make you learn and care more about the characters that you are watching on Nobility. The story expertly penned by a sci-fi fan himself will leave you equally laughing and crying.

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Set in the far distant future of humanity, the series takes place 700 years into the future. In this alternate timeline, humanity’s colonization of space is being headed by the Confederate Alliance. This Confederate Alliance is a military and peace-keeping force that is in charge of defending and policing the many human colonies spread through its territory. And the ship CAS Nobility is part of the Confederate Alliance. The ship itself is one of the most powerful ones in space naval arsenal of the Confederate Alliance. And due to this fact, Nobility is also one of the most famous ships in its fleet. The huge fame of the ship has prompted the command of the Confederate Alliance to film a documentary detailing the lives of the crew members of the ship. However, there are actually more problems to shooting this documentary than you may think.

The ragtag and motley crew of the Nobility are at best described as being misfits. Each one of the crew members of the ship itself has some kind of defect in their personality. The captain of the ship is jaded and disillusioned with his mission. The first lieutenant of the ship is hopelessly idealistic, but also a bit of a prude. The commander of the ship is emotionally distant and has a hard time to bond closely with her crew. And there are many other personal problems of the crew that affects the day to day workings of the ship itself. And much of the comedy of the show derives from many of the quirky aspects of the personality of the people on the ship.

You should watch Nobility the series if you love sci-fi and comedy shows. There is a lot to see in this show, as there will be cameos and guests stars from many other veterans of other science fiction action shows. Nobility the series also offers a lot of action as you will be on the edge of your seat with all of the amazing sci-fi sequences and special effects that will be used for the series. There is also a ton of other content that will be included as more episodes are produced for Nobility the series.

Join in on the action of the CAS Nobility, by watching the pilot on this website. You will love the show, so stay tuned for more of the episodes as they will be released. You can learn more about the show itself by browsing the other sections of this website.

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