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There are various sites on the web that features our TV series. However, this is definitely the one you should visit since it’s the official site. If you get news and information from other sites there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting accurate info. That could be a problem if you want to make sure you’re getting the latest info about the show.

This is critical because you’ll certainly want to get information about the series’ episodes, actors/actresses, etc. and other issues. The best way to do that is by visiting this official site since it includes the latest official news and info about the TV series. If you get all the information about the show from this site you can be assured that the info you’re getting is true and accurate.

If you’re new to the TV series then make sure to check out the About section of this site. It will help you to learn everything you need to know about the show. That includes a synopsis of the series as well as summaries of past seasons. You’ll have all the information you need to get you started watching the first episode.

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If you check out this section you’ll learn everything you need to get you started watching your first episode of the series. It’s definitely worth spending some time to get you up to speed. One of the best features of this site is the official trailer. We always upload the official trailer for the next season. In fact, it’s one of the most popular features of the site. It’s always a plus when you can see a preview of the show’s next season. Not only that but you should make sure to watch it at our official site. If you visit other sites they might or not include next season’s trailer, which could be a drawback.

In fact, another issue is that the trailer you watch at other sites might not even be the official trailer. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid since it could be a fake trailer. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid. In fact, it’s one of the reasons you should definitely watch any trailers or videos from our site. Since it’s the official site you can be assured that you’ll also be watching official videos from the TV series. The site includes other videos as well you should check out. They include clips from the next episode that’s definitely worth watching if you want to get a preview of the next week’s episode. You’ll likely want to watch the entire episode when it airs on TV. However, before that happens it’s a plus to get a preview of the show.

That will help you to determine whether or not you should watch the episode. In fact, after watching the preview there’s a chance you might decide it doesn’t seem like a must-see episode. However, it’s better to see the preview before making that decision. Another issue is that after the clip you might decide that you want to watch the episode anyway. However, there’s no real way to know until you see the preview first.

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Finally, we provide contact information if you want to contact our site with any questions or problems you have. We’ll try to deal with them as soon as possible. It’s important to bring up any issue as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to try and solve the problem. We provide different ways to contact us including phone, email, and live chat. This provides you with multiple ways to contact our site. It’s a plus since sometimes your web connectivity might be done, for example. In that case, you might want to call us instead. On the other hand, if your email is done you could use live chat as an alternative, for example. Make sure to keep visiting this site to get future updates. We’ll make sure that you get all the freshest news and information.


Do Girls Like Science Fiction Clothing?

Do Girls Like Science Fiction Clothing

Science fiction and fantasy do get a lot of attraction especially among male individuals of all ages but does it make a great impact as well to women of all ages? The fact that science fiction and fantasy entirely evolve in a world that may not be as interesting for other women because of the stigma that it is purely an animation. However, behind every fictional stories, there is a lesson that you will still learn from the movies, television or book. Another fact is that men of any age group do find science fiction and fantasy very interesting because it portrays manly gestures such as the way it is built to make the character looking strong.

When it comes to fashion, girls are very particular of the type of clothes that they should be wearing. This is part of their routine to look good all day especially with the clothes that they wear. If you say about science fiction clothing, this depends on the generation that a girl belongs. For example, for girls that belongs to the millennial generation that means she can appreciate what it is to be futuristic. Since, there are different influences, most of them will like such clothing.

How does science fiction influenced fashion?

Fashion has always been involved with the trends of what’s new and hip. Anything goes with fashion creates unique artwork. This is when more designs and styles became a popular choice. Girls do love fashion but as long as it have sense and will make them look cool or sophisticated. It has been said that the influence of science fiction may be the fashion of the future.

Girls are more motivated to look good if the t-shirt is made out of good quality materials. So this means that in order for you to have a good sale among girls is to look for designs that will make them appreciate it. There are many “girly” designs to choose from such as a cure vintage design, a drawing derived from an animation, something that is classy with wit and statement shirts that will make girls feel intelligent. If you are able to do this, your SciFi T-shirt business will surely be a big hit.

For girls to like a Scifi clothing, you can choose a variation of other clothing material and the kind of T-shirt. For example, do not only stick to one usual type of T-shirt, you can go assorted types such as dresses, pajamas, an overall, bottoms that you can design especially for teenagers who wants to look funky.

The use of a heating press machine is a basic way to have good quality designs and styles for you to print it out on the material. You can find the best heat press machine reviews here. The need for tools and equipment such as an ink jet printer and a heating press machine is all you need. In addition, you can be as colorful as you want, keep in mind that girls do love a variety and not just one design or color. You will have to be innovative as well in terms of choosing for a SciFi design and style.

Tips: to make your printing quality more visible and high quality looking make sure that you are using a material that will tailor fit the design. When it comes to using a heating press machine to make T-shirt and clothing it would be best to have the T-shirt heated as long as you desired to make sure that the printed design is stapled and adhere on the material of the T-shirt. Always follow the manufacturer’s guide to avoid misuse of the machine.

Ways To Support Your Favorite TV Series

Ways To Support Your Favorite TV Series

Everyone do have their own favorite TV series and for sure you have selected number of it as well. If you are an avid fan of any television series, surely, you will also buy their merchandise and other items. That how fans do right? Aside from buying their products, there are other ways that you can support your favorite TV series. There are few considerations that you’ll need to do first prior to any transactions such as;

Check their official website- it is essential that you are able to know their official website before going to purchase anything from a website. The TV series staff do post their official site for people to buy a merchandise from their store. It is more fun if you buy original items from legit website rather than from anyone else that you aren’t sure of the quality.

Know your budget- although it is not that expensive to buy a merchandise from a TV series at least you will have an idea as to how much you’re going to shell out money.

Choose your merchandise- there are different merchandises that’s available in the market. As mentioned, always look for the quality and a legit seller. Follow their other social media for any items that’s about to be sold out at their official website.

Check for the availability in your country- much better if a merchandise is within your reach to buy few items that you’d like to own from the TV series that you have been following. But if there is none, always go for an alternative.

The more you are supporting your favorite TV series, that means the staff will be motivated to do more of the series by extending their contract. More so, here are the following tips that you can start supporting your TV series.

  1. purchasing their art- most of the TV series are also making an art version of their characters. If it is an animated TV series, there are more variations that you can choose aside from the usual designs that animators and creators are designing. You can always choose to use it as a T-shirt merch.
  2. supporting their social media- nowadays, social media has become one of the biggest platforms in advertising and even gain profit if you want to make a business. Television series that became popular such as Game of thrones, The Walking Dead and more do also have interesting merchandises that you will surely love and enjoy as well.
  3. purchase toys- this is another way that you can add support to your favorite TV series by having their collectibles item.

Among all the tips that you can support your favorite TV series is through T-shirt printing. Buying designs and styles and making it as your merchandise business do benefit you and the TV series team. In this way, you are not only profiting but also you will get the chance to be the official store.

In choosing for a design and style for T-shirt printing, you can always choose either a statement spoken by the character or an image that you can use as a meme type or relate it to other designs by making a drawing out of the TV series. This is one way for you to take advantage of the business by being creative and make sure that it comes with good quality. Heating press machine adds a great quality to a well done print out design. Remember that the more you have pressed heat to the material the better its outcome.

Best Science Fiction Clothing Ideas

Best Science Fiction Clothing Ideas

Perhaps there is an event that you’re going to attend in the next couple of months and you want to dress up in a very creative and unique way as possible. Thinking of a costume depends on your preferences whether you want to make your own version or you can always choose to have someone design it for you. Selecting a concept isn’t that hard as long as you understand how it works and how it is possible for it to be worn. When it comes to science fiction, it is not actually that difficult to choose for an inspiration.

Influential designers knows your best interest which is why they create costumes for people who wants to take part of the intergalactic world and fantasy. If you opt to choose for the best Science fiction clothing ideas, make sure that you have a budget to complete a set. For example, you aim for a SciFi futuristic type of clothing and most of these do require extra paraphernalia which are mind blowing. To give you more ideas, here are the following best science fiction clothing to give you an idea as to which ones should you wear for the upcoming event.

  1. Akira- if you are a fan of Anime, perhaps this will give you an outfit idea as to how you’re going to look like. This is based on a Japanese artist and the film was then released on July 1988. The story involves with an electric bike that has struck viewers and critiques because of the character. The motorbike made a remarkable asset to the movie as this have a kind of design that is truly stunning.
  2. Star Trek- this is another movie that you can choose to play as one of the characters in teh movie or you can go as creative as you can be if you want to choose as one of the monsters that the characters are fighting in the movie. The clothing that they wear is basically simple but you must look for a material that will tailor fit the entire set of your costume.
  3. District 9- this is all about an alien invasion. The movies huge success became a social and political struggle in South Africa and all throughout the world. However, its Scifi influence has led many Cosplayers to enjoy selected characters as their means of costume.
  4. The day the earth stood still- the movie is typically based on the robot called Gnut. The costume has a subtle type of scariness and it also have a minimal effect so this means that you do not have to spend much of a costume. It is achievable to wear.
  5. Wall-E- this is Pixar’s time to join into the world. This is a kind of robot that is more in the evolution side but it is also design to kick ass. If you pick this for a costume, make sure that you have the effects to make it surreal.

Aside from all these mentioned SciFi movies that can be your choice for a clothing, you can as well refer to more ideas that are also found on television and books. Anything can make you look SciFi by making sure that you have the right materials. All the designs are mainly heat press. The importance of heat press machine is for your design to adhere to the clothing. So, having to design it with a professional or if you know how to create and design. It is best that you follow certain guidelines in using a heating press machine.

Easily Make Your Own SciFi Clothing

Is that you Darth Vader? This is one of the characters that’s popularly been worn by most Cosplayers.  Perhaps you’re into Cosplay or you like to have your own SciFi clothing line as a business is a great idea. Having to make your own easily made SciFi clothing do take a lot of planning. There are as well many considerations that you’ll need to figure out which is a better clothing material for you to use, the colors, size, design and style. Of course, you will also need a science fiction inspiration for you to make a one whole set of clothing. As mentioned, there are few things that you’ll need to know before you can start cutting and lining pieces of SciFi clothing.

Science fiction or fantasy is known for its interesting images, genre and concept which has led to many individuals to be inspired in making their own clothing. Having to draw or paint makes the idea of putting things into life. This is why, Cosplay was born. The concept of Cosplay brings your favorite character by dressing the same way. Science fiction is easy to follow as long as you have the right materials in making your own. Before you’re going to draw your SciFi clothing, you must gather all your ideas first.

  1. Know your SciFi character- you must know if your character is rich, poor or a middle class. Are they artistic or reserved type of character? How you’re going to dress up as your chosen SciFi character would depend on the story that you are portraying to the public.
  2. Start to shape out your clothing- make an outline and as much as possible keep it simple. Having to experiment with different ideas gives you more opportunities to check if it fits your preferences or not.
  3. Filling in the details- as soon as you have enough and have filled in few thumbnails, it is best that you start adding the next value. Having to create a new layer over the silhouettes that you have made and then lock out the edges that are outside of the outline.
  4. Add colors- pick a color of your choice or you can always use the original colors. This will give you more add-on if it is necessary. Keep in mind that colors shouldn’t clash on each other. If you opt for contrasting colors make sure that it doesn’t look uncooperative.
  5. A Familiar costume- if you are creating and styling your own version of Scifi clothing, make sure that it looks familiar to people or perhaps a familiar concept from other people who have worn it somewhere in the street. It would be best if you add more shapes that would make you feel unexpected and strange from people.

Now that you have an idea as to how you’re going to start your own SciFi clothing, next step is to make sure that you have other materials for heat pressing the designs when necessary. This is a vital step for you to do because all the artistic details. Whether it is printed or embroidered using a heat press machine to make a clothing is essential for this use. To avoid mistakes in heat pressing, it is advisable that you read the manufacturer’s guidelines and if you are using transfer paper.

This is a great venture for you to enjoy and at the same time an experience that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. Creating is indeed a fun way to express your opportunity such as making an easy SciFi clothing.

Are SciFi T-Shirts Cool?

The influence of Science Fiction, fantasy and other iconic artists has led many individuals to explore in this world of the “nerds.” it is singled-out as for the “nerdy” people because of the statement, design and style that are used as a print on the shirt and most of these people would wear such kind of shirt. Although this is not only for people who are “nerdy”, this is actually seen all over different clothing shirt stores that you can find in your local area. If nerdy, SciFi T-shirts attracts you, perhaps considering owning a couple of shirts in your closet would be a great collection.

Looking for a SciFi T-shirt that are cool comes in various designs and style. If you Google it, you will surely capture so many ideas and even an inspiration for you to start printing T-shirts. However, there are few things that you’ll need to prepare first before you’re going to print out your favorite cool SciFi T-shirts and that is to have a laser ink-jet printer and a heating press machine to make shirts. There are different categories that you can choose and select for a kind of shirt that you either want to have it customized or a DIY Sci-fi T-shirt that you can wear. How cool can a Sci-fi T-shirt could be? Here are the following suggestions for you to select a design and how you can have it print out.

Contemporary designed shirts – most of these are the ones that you notice with people wearing with a statement or some designs that are funny. For example, a meme of Harry Potter or perhaps a video joystick game that says “waiting for the next player.” There are actually so many that you can make if you chose to personalized your own shirt and make it look cool.

Are SciFi T-shirt looks cool for pregnant women?- in case you are wondering, there is no exemption for a pregnant woman to wear such cool shirts. In fact, there are women who likes the idea of printing a statement about “a baby inside” type of shirt. This is actually a cool maternity T-shirts for all mother-to-be. You can as well choose a design that may relate to the gender of your child. For example, having a moon logo design is one perfect fit for your round belly.

Flip shirts- have you heard of flip shirts? This is a kind of shirt for people who wants to have fun with friends or family. Any design can be printed out such as a fox’s head, a face of a zombie or perhaps a ninja. All you need to do is print it at the reverse bottom of the shirt so you can raise it up and flip on your head.

Gamer shirts- this is a kind of shirt that you like to wear. Online gamer do have most of this type of shirts especially if there are any gathering or convention.

When it comes to printing the shirt, it is important that you have a heating press machine to make shirts or clothing that suits your preferences. If you plan to do it by yourself, make sure you have an ink jet printer, transfer paper and above all the heating press machine. Read the guidelines in terms of heating a T-shirt. Transfer paper do have its heating measurement. It is important that you read everything first prior to heating your T-shirt. Keep in mind that using the heat is best if you have the shirt stayed longer to make sure that the print will be displayed better without any cracks.

Guidelines in Wearing SciFi T-Shirt To Comicon

Comic-con week is an event of multi-genre entertainment and at the same time a comic convention that is usually held in San Diego, California, USA. This is a 4-days event wherein showcasing of comic books, science fiction or fantasy related television, film and other popular related arts. This has a mix variation of popular culture, anime, horror, collectibles of card games, video games, webcomics and manga. According to reports, this is the largest convention ever held.

If you are new to Comicon, there are several guidelines that you’ll need to know first before you’re going to attend the event. To survive in the “so-called” convention, here are the following guidelines to wear SciFi T-shirt to Comicon.

  1. Decide for an experience- knowing that this big event, it is important to at least have a purpose in going to Comicon. You can as well start by thinking of a kind of Scifi T-shirt that you’d like to represent for yourself whether pop culture, Anime, manga or video games that you have played. During the event, there will be parties, demonstration and panels.
  2. Running around the event- having to wear your favorite Comicon T-shirt during the event must be comfortable because you will be taking part of the entire event which will surely make great memories especially if you are a first timer. There will be a lot of things prepared for audiences.
  3. Dressing up- if you are an avid fan of Cosplay then perhaps this is the best time that you start rocking your costume. You can either choose to wear a Scifi T-shirt to Comicon. Make sure that you are dressed comfortably and as you pleased.

Those are basically the guidelines that you will have to remember and experience during the Comicon event. Now, next thing is making an outfit. Perhaps, you planned to wear something simple and yet Comicon related still. Choosing for the right design and style is your next project. If you want to invest on something that you could cherish forever you can either buy a T-shirt or invest for a DIY to wear SciFi T-shirt to Comicon. You can as well ask your friends to collaborate with a design and style that you will wear during the event. Here are some tips for you to start preparing.

  1. Choose and select- for sure you have a favorite Comic character that you’d like to print out as a shirt. This is the best time that you make a merch out of it. There are tons of concept and inspiration that you can make your own design incorporating your favorite design. For example, choosing pop culture and added Lady Gaga in the shirt. Select a desired color that you’d like. It is best as well for you to choose a T-shirt print that is not common to others especially with the design.
  2. Print it out- there are tools that you can use in printing for a T-shirt that you can wear. Using a heat press machine for clothing in making shirts is your best option and a laser prints out. It is essential that you know how to use a heating press machine.
  3. Read manual instruction for printing- it is necessary that you read instructions especially if you are dealing with heating machines. The use of a transfer is important in transferring your design to the shirt.

Tips: do not hesitate to use too much heat while transferring an art work to a shirt properly and evenly. Therefore, the more heat you are applying the better outcome and you are ready to wear SciFi T-shirt to Comicon.

Ideas for DIY SciFi T-Shirts

T-shirt projects are one of the best activities that you could ever do during your spare time especially on summer days. It is also a good time for you to bond with your family or friends. There are others that do make T-shirt projects as their means of gaining profit. Furthermore, there are a lot of successful stories that you can read or hear about where they get their inspiration in making wonderful T-shirts.

The idea of DIY shirts has opened opportunities for many people in different ages because it is easy plus it guarantees comfort and style. If you are inspired with science fiction and fantasy and not just a basic funky designed shirt perhaps looking at intergalactic movies, reading science fiction books, watching television and more can give you an idea as to how you’re going to make a DIY SciFi T-shirts. SciFi fashion has indeed changed the world’s perspective in terms of the galaxy and the universe. To start with an idea, here are the following tip designs for you to make your DIY SciFi T-shirts.

  1. Pop culture designs- this is a short term for Popular culture. This comes with the entire perspective of attitude, images, ideas, memes, iconic artists, phenomena that are derived within the mainstream of a specific kind of culture such as the Western culture. Its influenced is more on the mass media with a collection of ideas that revolves around the everyday lives of the society.
  2. Galactic designs- this is inspired by the heavenly bodies in the universe such as the milky way and planets. This is also mixed with super heroes and villains that are characters in a movie. This could make a great trend setting among individuals who are into intergalactic designs. You can as well be more creative in using a galactic design with symbols like diamond with galactic colors.
  3. Futuristic design- this is another unique type of design that you can choose for a DIY SciFi T-shirt What makes it unique is that you can add an innovative concept in terms of how you want to see the future in the next 10 years.
  4. Technology design- incorporating Scifi designs with a concept of technology is another fascinating way of expressing the vision of the society which also makes it sellable among consumers.

The process of printing the shirt also depends on how you want it to look like either using a heat press machine or dye and bleach type of way. Since this is a DIY SciFi T-shirt printing, make sure that you know the process of heat press to make shirts and clothing. Here is a tip on how you’re going to use a heat press machine.

  1. It is essential that you know what your designs would look like and prepare it for transfer. There are different ways of transferring either you can pre-print or iron on appliques.
  2. This requires technique, skills and tools for you to be able to print and heat press your design T-shirt. Laser printers are the usual tools used for printing.
  3. In using a heat press machine make sure that it is set to 350 to 375 degrees Farenheit. Read the instructions that is provided by the transfer paper and adjust the heat according the desired heat needed.
  4. When it comes to pressing the shirt, make sure that it is faced on the desired area with the design that suits you best. Read more on the machine’s heating press instruction.

Now that you have the basic ideas of DIY Sci-Fi T-shirt printing, it is up to your choices in choosing for the type of design and printing method that you want to use. Indeed, if you are making this into a business definitely you will gain profit.

What Are Some Funny Science Fiction Movies?

“Spaceballs” is very likely one of the first, if not the first, title to pop into your head when you are asked to think of funny science fiction movies. That’s too bad…because “Spaceballs” just is not very funny. How could the man who gave the world “Young Frankenstein” and “Blazing Saddles” have gone so wrong when he tried to parody and satirize science fiction?

Easy. Because one look at those earlier films reveals a guy who loves monster movies and westerns. It’s quite clear that science fiction doesn’t hold the same place in Mel Brooks’ heart. “Young Frankenstein” and “Blazing Saddles” are heartfelt parodies, whereas “Spaceball” is a work of almost vile hatred. So forget “Spaceballs” and look elsewhere for funny sci-fi.


The Ginger or Mary Anne argument of the 1960s transformed into a different argument in the 1970s: Woody or Mel? Woody went on to overwhelmingly win the argument, but in the 70s it was a toss-up. One place where Woody Allen definitely beat out Mel is in making a funny science fiction movie. “Sleeper” is the precursor to Matt Groening’s other funny animated sitcom as it tells the story of a cryogenically frozen 20th century loser transported into the future. “Sleeper” is one of the last of Woody’s slapstick comedies and it’s one of his funniest. Whether he’s pretending to be a robot servant or slipping on giant banana peels or threatening the life of a nose, Woody was working at the height of his comic talent on this one.

The Ice Pirates

You may never have even heard of “The Ice Pirates.” Although Anjelica Huston and Ron Perlman appear in it, the stars are Robert Urich and Mary Crosby. (She shot J.R.!) It helps to have an appreciation of kitsch and camp when watching “The Ice Pirates” but anyone can enjoy the funniest part of the movie which is the one part of this sci-fi comedy that anybody who ever saw it remembers. This battle scene takes place in a time warp so that all the characters instantly age a little bit in the blink of an eye. It’s clever and very funny.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Some prefer the original British TV series, but how can resist a movie with Alan Rickman voicing a suicidal robot and Sam Rockwell as Zaphod Beeblebrox? Not to mention Zooey Deschanel at her most engaging and Bill Nighy at his disaffected peak? That’s not even to mention Stephen Fry as the voice of the Guide and the filmmaker’s brilliant decision to forego CGI for Muppet-like aliens. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is not looked upon kindly by many fans of the novel…which is a shame since it features the same sense of humor that made Douglas Adams a household name.

Dark Star

Before he reinvented the horror film and made the greatest science fiction of all time, John Carpenter raised a few thousand dollars and set to work on a film that would act as their college thesis. That thesis turned into “Dark Star” which shows what a parody can be when when made by someone who loves the genre instead of despises it. The movie is both a satire of “2001: A Space Odyssey” and a sort of companion piece to it as both movies analyze the dehumanizing effects of long-term space travel. The budget is ridiculously low meaning the effects and the overall production value is directly antagonistic toward the Kubrick inspiration, but it’s a very fun film if you get into its mindset.